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Lower leg exercises

If you have suffered from a lower leg injury or want to re strengthen the lower muscle parts of your legs such as your calf muscle. Sports like soccer, (football), badminton, running or basketball require fit legs. We have a selection of the best exercises you should perform for optimum recovery.

leg strengthening exercises for fitness and toning.

  • Start by moving your foot up and down and try to place your heel on the floor, but stop if there is added discomfort or pain. Move on to leaning against wall with you palms and with your heels flat, ease your legs backwards and you will feel the stretch in your calves. Hold for a count of 5.
  • Stand on the bottom step of the stairs with the front half of your feet on the step, lean forward and you will feel the stretch in your calves. Hold for a count of 5.
  • Whilst standing, put one leg behind the other. Bend the other leg forward keeping your back heel flat to the ground and you will feel the stretch. Repeat with your other leg. Hold for a count of 5.
  • Whilst standing, go up and down on your toes.
  • Step up and down on the bottom step of the stairs.
  • Start jogging for short distances, then sprinting. Hop on each foot alternately. Jump up and land bending your knees. Run up steps two at a time and progress to running up a steep hill.

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