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A bunion is perhaps more of a hindrance than an injury condition. Especially for women it inhibits the fashion shoes that they can wear as well as sometimes being a problem for sports shoes. Often, for example the width of running shoes or football boots can be a little on the narrow side. Bunions are not usually painful but in some cases if there is bunion pain or if the second toe is becoming squashed, treatment for bunions in the form of surgery is needed to rectify the problem.

Cause of bunions

The big toe is pulled into the second toe by tendons. Gradually over time the bunion appears. Wearing pointed shoes can also contribute to bunions.

Bunion Surgery and Recovery

If there is no pain, bunions are livable with. Bunion surgery is not as severe as you may think.The operation to have them removed is by local anesthetic and several injections. The excess bone is then cut away. Usually one foot at a time is done, and each foot is healed after 8 weeks. This can be an inconvenience for getting about and sports and training are very limited. The results however are usually very good and it is usual to go down a shoe size. It's worth hopping around for while!

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